RVP Team Pro


PRICE: $799.99 and $299.99 / yr after the first

Windows OS Compatible (10, 8 or 7)

RVP Team Pro provides all the features and flexibility needed for all levels, especially high schools, colleges, professional teams, training facilities, and organizations that run camps or clinics. RVP Team Pro goes well beyond analyzing sport motions; it enables the user to create his/her own training program and run a profitable business. Not only can users create training videos and personalized lessons for students, but they can also generate revenue, organize a camp or clinic, and make powerful presentations. Coaches can create effective and powerful instructional content in just a few minutes, improving the communication between the coach and student and allowing for quicker adjustments and better understanding of the mechanics involved. 

Key Features

  • Includes all RVP Team Basic Features
  • RVP Teammate browser app with cloud storage and access for players, coaches and others!
  • Quickly add members, groups, and store contact information.
  • Easily deliver snapshots, picture strips, lessons or drills to any player or group with just a couple of clicks.
  • Live Capture from a variety of camcorders.
  • Import/Cutup video post event.
  • Post Tagging: Tag event data to clips at anytime.
  • Library to provide a quick access database that organizes your content, such as videos, snapshots and lesson segments.
  • Overlay Technology
  • Lesson segments for instructors to create their own one-on-one personalized hitting or pitching lessons with their own recording, voice over, and drawing tools over video.
  • Picture Strips feature to create revenue for your organization (action sequence of a student’s motion and automatically pulls out the 12 key positions of the motion)

How to Order

Phone: (310) 377-9221