RVP Advanced Softball Hitting Instruction


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“Drills, Lessons & Coaching Tips"

Mike Candrea and Sue Enquist have joined forces once again to produce a follow-up series to complement the highly successful Ip300-SB; Hitting with the Champions. The Ip300-SB2 “Drills, Lessons and Coaching Tips” is the perfect progression that helps coaches identify and further define common problems we see at each of the key edit positions, while offering advanced drills that train players to effectively adjust to varying speeds and locations of the pitch.

This series provides an in depth look at the coaching philosophies, game and practice management strategies and mental game approach by two of the most successful coaches. See how USA Olympians Natasha Watley, Crystl Bustos and Tairia Mims adjust to different speeds and locations with our offering of advanced drills. There is not another tandem in college softball that has had a greater impact on the sport than Sue Enquist and Mike Candrea. No doubt this will give you an intimate look at success.

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