RVP Baseball Hitting Instruction


PRICE: $75

“What makes these players better than the rest of us?”

The IP300-AS clearly takes the controversy out of hitting by defining the mechanics of hitting with MLB video examples of the game’s best hitters. Don Slaught, former Major League Player and Coach, walks the user through the analysis of the swing: defining the key principles, explaining why they are important, and illustrating and giving analogies to help players understand and improve.

Includes a series of 59 easy-to-follow video clips, each about one-three minutes long. The lessons begin by defining the 3 measures of the swing (Force, Hitting in a Big Zone, and Efficiency) and continue by describing all the key principles found in the games best players at each of the key positions from Stance through the Finish. The user will learn what to look for and what to draw and measure at each of the key positions to optimize their swing. Each clip can be selected and played about a specific area of the swing. The IP300-AS enables players and coaches to identify and understand the cause of any problems, not just the symptoms that happen later on in the swing.

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