The RVP Instruction series were designed for both coaches and players who want to get an in-depth look at the game’s best players. All of the Instruction Series products walk the user through the specific skill, instructing the user on what to look for, explaining why it is important, and then suggesting analogies and drills to help reinforce the correct moves.

RVP Baseball Hitting Instruction

The IP300-AS clearly takes the controversy out of hitting by defining the mechanics of hitting with MLB video examples of the game...

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RVP Advanced Baseball Hitting Instruction

The Ip300-AS2 is a must have for every baseball or softball hitting coach and Ip300-AS or Ip300-SB owner. This advanced hitting in...

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RVP Baseball Pitching Instruction

Steve Ontiveros, otherwise known as the "Spin Doctor", has generated RVP's latest instruction player concentrating on baseball pit...

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RVP Softball Hitting Instruction

Two of the greatest softball coaches in the country, Mike Candrea and Sue Enquist, have collaborated on this powerful series of in...

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RVP Advanced Softball Hitting Instruction

Mike Candrea and Sue Enquist have joined forces once again to produce a follow-up series to complement the highly successful Ip300...

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RVP Fastpitch Pitching Instruction

The GOAT Lisa Fernandez and Kirk Walker, assistant coaches at UCLA, have teamed up to produce a dynamic series of lessons to defin...

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