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A:As of March 1, 2020, V1 Sports acquired Right View Pro. For the past 25 years, V1 has been golf's leading video analysis software company. V1 and RVP have been friendly for many years – in fact, some RVP products were actually built by V1. Starting in March, the organizations became one and V1 began its journey into baseball and softball.

A:Rest assured, you will experience no changes for the time being, unless you want access to V1's new video analysis tools. The first change you will experience is when you next renew your RVP subscription. New (lower) monthly pricing will then be applied. Additionally, as V1 begins to invest in upgrading and replacing RVP technologies, you will be required to sign up for a support subscription (if you wish to receive support services).

A:Contact V1 today (baseball@v1sports.com) to attend a webinar to learn more about how baseball and softball instructors across the country have used and are starting to use V1's products to analyze their hitters' swings and pitchers' throwing motion. You can also schedule an appointment with a V1 Customer Success Representative to get a deep personalized dive into the capabilities of V1.

A:Absolutely. If you wish to continue to reactivate or use an expired RVP product, contact Marcela today to re-activate your RVP subscription. When you renew your subscription you'll be billed monthly at the new (lower!) rates.

A:Yes! In response to our present situation, V1 immediately developed the "V1 Marketplace" to help instructors continue to earn, despite having limited ability to conduct in-person lessons. Contact V1 Sales (sales@v1sports.com) if you'd like to learn more – V1 can set up your academy and have you ready to earn immediately.

A:V1 got its start 25 years ago in golf. However, V1 has clients that use its video analysis software for a variety of purposes beyond golf, including: basketball, billiards, bowling, boxing, cricket, curling, dancing, disc golf, eyebrow/lash artistry (really!), diving, fishing, football, gymnastics, horseback archery, karate, lacrosse, physical therapy, rugby, skiing, snowboarding, soccer, strength training, squash, swimming, tennis, track and field, volley ball, and wrestling.

A:Learning from the tremendously experienced staff at RVP, including Don Slaught and Marcela Hammond, V1 has begun work to customize and upgrade its software products to be best-fit for baseball and softball analysis. Please keep checking back for further updates. If you'd like to participate in this process and help V1 deliver the best possible product, V1 is always looking for feedback from instructors who know their business best. Please contact Alex Prasad (alex.prasad@v1sports.com) if you would like to help.

A:Presently, many of the RVP Cameras are not compatible with V1 software. Our present recommendation is that an instructor use an iPad (with tripod) or iPhone to capture swings from his/her client if you are unable to acquire V1 hardware. However, V1 is working on system solutions and will be rolling out those plans in the near future.

A:Presently, many of the RVP Network Cameras are not compatible with V1 software for live instant capture. We do, however, have a workaround for that. For V1 solutions, our present recommendation is that an instructor use an iPhone/iPad/Android device (with tripod) or our V1 Baseball Indoor USB 3.0 67FPS or 240 FPS camcorder to capture swings from his/her client if you are unable to acquire V1 hardware. However, V1 is working on system solutions and will be rolling out those plans in the near future.

A:Teammate - $4.99/month; Team Basic - $9.99/month- Includes Teammate; Team Pro - $29.99/month- Includes Team Basic + Teammate; Team Pro i - $49.99/month- Includes Team Pro + Teammate; Stadium Edition - $119.99/month- Includes Team Pro I + Teammate; Support (new) - $9.99/month.

A:V1 plans to support RVP products up to December 31, 2021. Marcela (marcela.hammond@v1sports.com) has joined the V1 Team and will continue to be your primary contact regarding RVP products. If you have a current subscription, this will work as it always has. If you have an expired subscription, wish to renew or sign up for the first time and want support, the new support fee will apply.