High School & Youth Programs

We feel that RightView Pro played a major roll in the success of our team in 2010.  We used the fall season to maximize efficiency and create a big zone with our hitters.  Our kids are visual learners and it helps them greatly to be able to see their swings broken down next to the MLB pro hitting models that are in the software. 

          -Lee Yeager, Corpus Christi Carroll High School Baseball

          -Texas 5A State Champions


I’ve been using Rightview Pro since 2006 with every level of softball and baseball from 5 year olds to the college level. The last three years I’ve been coaching at Cony High School in Augusta, Maine.  It took time for players to buy into the utility of Rightview Pro.  In our third year the results were incredible.  We went 22-0 with a team batting average of .420.  We had 22 homeruns, up from only 4 last year.  Eight of our nine starters had at least one homerun.  We scored 246 runs and gave up 21.  Our pitchers had an ERA of .65.  Our players looked forward to seeing themselves on the Rightview Pro program.  It’s obvious that they applied what they learned and that resulted in our becoming the 2012 Maine State Class A Softball Champions.

           -Coach Ray Beaudoin; Cony High School - Augusta, ME

           -2012 Maine State Class A Softball Champions

I purchased your program 3 years ago, and the results are astounding! Thanks to your program in part my daughter was recognized as the Utah State 2A MVP with a BA at .506. (.569 at the tourney) Thanks for this incredible program. She struck out only 7 times in four (4) years. There is nothing like your program to help a kid actually see the problem with her swing and correct it. This is the solution for ANY batting slump . We couldn't have done it without your program!!

           -Cary Rosquist

I received the FastPitch instruction and again I am amazed by everything that is offered with it. I feel this is just the best instructional tool on the market today for both hitting and softball pitching, I am sure it is true with baseball as well. I also wanted to ask Don a question and if he says no it is not a problem at all, we are starting to do some fundraising so we can purchase the stadium edition for our program and I have some friends who collect autographs through my volunteer work with the Bob Feller Museum, would you be interested in signing 50-75 items balls, cards, photos bats? I would gladly pay you a fee per item or a flat fee if that is what you want. If you are not interested in this I understand, I am just trying to get a little creative in some fundraising. Thanks again and I tell everyone about how great I think your product is.

           -Brian Freese

I recently attended the Midwest Coaches Clinic and I was blown away when you took an hour of your time to sit and talk with me and the coaches of the Downriver Diamonds!  A couple of years ago I purchased RightView Pro because I was tired of "hoping" I was teaching the swing properly.  It turns out it was the best purchase of my coaching career!  Our season last year would not have been successful without the guidance from RightView Pro.  The players were able to see what they looked like and the drills helped them feel when they were doing them correctly, not to mention it convinced their parents we were teaching the swing properly (which I believe is half the battle).  Thank goodness I have RVP in my corner! And thank you Don Slaught for your hard work and dedication to the sport of softball!!!

      -Marc Pasko - Downriver Diamonds

We purchased your RightView Pro system about a year ago for our Marion Diamonds Fastpitch organization and what a difference in our hitting. We have put several girls through this system and it really improved our hitting and our power. We have so many compliments from the parents in our organization about how much it has improved the girls swing. I just wanted to say thanks to Don and your staff as your product is awesome. I wish I would have had this when my daughter played (she is 24 now).

-Phil Shepler; Executive Director of Marion Diamonds Fastpitch Softball

After 2 yrs. of summer college league coaching hitting, it became apparent I needed more and better "tools" to coach especially at higher levels. After talking with Don for a couple of yrs. and researching, in the Spring of 2009, I bought a "system". With the help of Don, Misti and Marcela, I bought a computer that could handle the capacity of videos, the software-RightViewPro, a digital video tape recorder, the accessories to download the videos, etc. Prior to my buying all this hi tech stuff, my capacity of hi tech was my rotary phone. I thought Windows Vista, 64 byte was a high speed motorcycle. With the help of Don, Misti and Marcella, I "installed", aka downloaded the software, video taped hitters, downloaded the recordings, used the software to help analyze swings, compare them with MLB hitters, switched the hitters' side, etc. In spite of many cautions of using Vista, I didn't have any problems with that software. In spite of hearing how computers crash, I don't remember any problems. I used the system in Alaska where we opened with 12 exhibition games with Alaskan League teams. I used the system prior to and after Alaska in the Great Lakes Collegiate Leag. with no problems. Given my lack of tech knowledge, the staff at RVP walked me thru, slowly, all the instructions. And I asked a lot of questions, some more than once. (Marcella has great patience.) In my experience, RightViewPro, is the best and most economic hitting teaching software on the market today. 
-Bob Plezia

"Don- First of all, you have a terrific product! My son (9) has made considerable progress using RVP as the primary teaching tool. After using RVP, I have no interest in him taking "typical" hitting lessons." 



-D.K. Willardson
"I recently purchased the Right View Pro IS300G hitting analysis system. I have been coaching youth baseball and softball for over 15 years. I finally found a system that makes perfect sense. It seems as though proper hitting mechanics has been a well kept secret. My struggle as a coach was that I never felt truly confident that the method I was teaching was truly the right method. How could I feel confident teaching my students if I didn’t feel confident about what I was teaching? Well, thanks to you and Right View Pro, I now feel extremely confident. What a great teaching tool you have developed. Looking forward to meeting you in Uxbridge, MA."
-Bob Gosselin New England Firebirds 18-U Softball

"RightViewPro allowed me to learn exactly what to emphasize, and more importantly, what to change.  The students I worked with could see where their flaws occurred and what they should look like.  RVP allowed their learning curve to be shorter - making changes to their swing was easier, faster and a little less painful!

It is a statement that there are even more college softball teams teaching what MLB hitters do. Every Pac-10 school - And I didn’t know the last seven softball CWS winners were RVP users! -- I like the thought: I guess you can’t win the CWS without RVP!

RVP was instrumental in (my kids') leading the State of Arizona in batting average at the same time in 2007.  I had bought the RightViewPro Coaches edition and used it as much as possible.  It quickly began to pay off. Koby habitually relied on RVP to help groove his swing. He went on to be the Conference Player of the Year his senior year, leading the state with a .622 BA and 12 HR’s, 15 DBL’s and a 1.204 SLG.

Hayley was only 14 when she actually sat down with the Coaches Edition and needless to say, she has a much better understanding of what her body should look like compared to most kids!  Hayley was the Arizona Small Schools Player of the year her senior year; she hit .624 and had a 1.161 SLG, 13 doubles, led the nation in triples with 11, 5 HR’s and is playing softball at Wichita State.

I can’t wait to get my new laptop and install my upgrades!"

-Scott Temple

"My daughter has been using your system for the last 5 years.  Knowledge of your techniques has allowed Amanda to become one of the best hitters in the country. She was a 2 time All American in high school thanks to your system and,  Michigan committed to her in her sophomore year of high school.  Now in her freshman season at Michigan she is hitting .369 and made 2nd Team All-American."

-Brian Chidester

"One of the best aspects of your product is the technical support that you provide. The product it self is easy to use but anytime I have had an issue somebody answers my questions.

The product itself has had an amazing impact on my son's skill level, mental understanding and feel for the dynamics that produce quality mechanics both with the bat and pitching. It helps keep him out of prolonged slumps because he sees quickly what the issue is and is able to fix by feel.  He has fewer slumps and bad AB's than ever.

The pitching program has had the same results. All I do is video for him and then he looks at it. He looks at video of himself and of the pro pitcher who he thinks he is most like.  His velocity jumped from 82 to 86 on his fastball; all because he saw it!"

- Brett Doran

"I just wanted to inform you that we won the 4A state championship 2008 in Louisiana for the second year in a row. We continue to use the RightView Pro for hitting and pitching and we have just purchased another add on program. We have a total of 4 programs and use them daily."

-Jesse Cassard, Head Baseball Coach Zachary High School

"In just 2 years of using RightView Pro our team hit 29 homeruns in 2007 which ranks #3 all-time in Southern California CIF Softball, and had a .327 team batting average and 23 homerun in 2008, which ranks 6th all time.  In 2008 we won our first Southwestern League Championship in school history going 14-1.  Our school and softball program have only been in existence for 4 years."

-Dan Torres, Head Softball Coach Vista Murrieta High School; Murrieta, CA

"I love to tell people about RightView Pro. I found that the easiest way to describe the program is that they are getting a CAT scan of their swing. Thanks again for your product!"

-Christian Vinyard, Hitting Instructor Paducah Regional Sports Plex; Paducah, KY

"I took my 9 year old son to the batting cage after your clinic and he did great.  Afterwards, I ordered the Basic System and Instructional CD.  I figured as much as I spend on bats, I may as well spend that on the best way to use them."

-Kevin Loeb

"RightView Pro gives you the diagnosis and the prescription!"

-Gary McCoy

"We won the 4A State Championship in Louisiana. We finished #30 in Collegiate Baseball. Record 31-8 Our team BA was .374 Our team ERA was 1.83 We had 5 players hit over .400 Two pitchers drafted - 10th and 17th rounds We used both the hitting and pitching programs.

This was my first year at Zachary and before that I was at Barbe for 4 years and since I have started  using your program my hitters have gotten better every year. Thanks again."

-Jesse Cassard, Head Baseball Coach, Zachary High School

"I have used your program extensively over the past three years and it is AWESOME!"

-Pete Savage, Head Baseball Coach, UCLA 

"Our high school baseball program purchased the RightView Pro program last spring and I can honestly say it is the best instructional tool for hitting that I have ever seen. We had tremendous success implementing and teaching all of the fundamentals in the program."

-Rich Sturm, Head Baseball Coach, Oakville High School, St..Louis, MO

"Unbelievable turnaround from a season ago. I am rolling with lessons and team hitting seminars. A little league team I have been helping is 8-0 and scoring 11 runs a game. In one practice they hit 26 homeruns compared to 2 before I started helping them. Thanks for a great system and a user friendly program."

- Sam Plank, High School Coach, Northern Virginia 

"Just to let you know we use the RightView Pro on a regular basis and we hit .374 as a team had two players drafted and 6 all state players. We won the 4A state championship in Louisiana in 2007. Thanks"

-Jesse Cassard, Head Baseball Coach, Zachary High School, Louisiana

"Here at Jackson county central, our baseball and softball teams workout together. In 2004 we both won state titles in our respective classes.  With the RightView Pro motion analysis we are seeing great improvements in our athletes' hitting.  With these improvements we are looking forward to hopefully repeating.  Thanks to Don and his staff!! Just wanted to let you know my girls won their second state title this spring!! Thanks the system is great."

- Shelly Hotzler Head Softball Coach & Tyrone Wacker Head Baseball Coach

"I got the basic system with your baseball Instruction player (AS) & Candrea/Enquist softball. Spent $380. Would have spent $3,800 for what you have to offer in terms of drills, tools!!!"

- Bill  Lilley

“Just wanted to let you know my girls won their second state title this spring!! Thanks!  The system is great.”

   - Shelly Hotzler, Jackson County Central, Jackson, MN

“I wanted to thank you and the developers of the RightView Pro software for providing such an excellent teaching tool for fastpitch softball. I have been using the RVP software for the past two years; the first year we played for the N.C. AAAA State Championship.  Although we lost, you’d be proud to know that our opponent, nationally ranked Central Cabarrus High School, also used the RVP System.  We believe this teaching tool is the greatest reason for the success of our teams in the last two years, THANKS!!!”

- Lin Wheeler, Cape Fear High School, Cape Fear, North Carolina

“The RightView Pro is where the ‘rubber meets the road.’ In the hitting, it is critical to use the same solid technique repeatedly. With this program, we can identify and work to improve the small problems in the hitting sequence. This program is an amazing breakthrough in the world of hitting!”

- Monte Sherrill, Head Softball Coach at Central Cabarrus High School, 6-Time State Champions - North Carolina

"Thanks for your help!  I am looking forward to learning more from you.  The system is so practical and will be very beneficial for our players. I am really excited about getting to use it!”

- John

“The Little Slammers recently completed their first season using RightView Pro. We employed the software system extensively during the off-season to shape our swings for challenging year as we made the tough transition from 10U to 12U.  The results?  Staggering.  We had our 9-, 10- and 11-year-olds win the PONY National Championships 12U title on the way to compiling a 54-13 record playing the best competition in the Midwest during the season and the best in the country in the postseason. Of course we had a spectacular pitcher, but we also scored a TON of runs.  All of the kids benefited tremendously from the system.”


“I attended your lecture in New Jersey in January and I purchased the RVP software. I wanted you to know I have converted the majority of our players’ swings. Our batting average for our first tournament (we won!) was .387 with multiple doubles and a home run! It works!  I hope you will come back to New Jersey next year!”

- Bill Terry, Manager Smithfield Galaxy 16U, Smithfield, Virginia

“This software package is outstanding. I like the ease of navigating; going quickly from file to file to look at specific aspects of the swing, and the tremendous amount of overall information contained in the package is second to none.

We discussed Rotational vs. Linear and in particular whether hips lead the hands. You said I would see it clearly when I received the software, and you were absolutely correct. I now firmly agree linear negative, into positive, then into rotation is the correct way to go.  

I coach two ASA softball teams, 10U and 16U, and also give private instruction. I have been teaching this swing for about three weeks to my 10U girls and have been amazed not only with how quickly they are getting it, but also the overall positive results. On my 10U team, I have seven returning girls from last year’s team, and six first-year ASA players. he swing is very natural for my first-year girls and they pick it up very quickly. I get a lot of wide-eyed looks and ‘wows’ from my returning girls when they put a perfect swing on the ball and really drive it! I tell everybody I can about your software and what an excellent teaching tool it is.”

- Greg L Mitrisin, RVP Fast Pitch owner   

“I am the Austin, TX, area rep for Salinas baseball gloves and accessories. I visited with company owner Orlando Salinas this past weekend and he demonstrated your product for me, using my 13-year-old grandson as the student. I was amazed to see how ‘bad’ his swing was.   After having spent hundreds of dollars (over the past seven years) for group and private instructions, I couldn’t believe that within 45 minutes, Orlando had him swinging like he should have been for the past seven  years.  Amazing!”

- George Mirabella, RVP Basic owner, Austin, Texas

“Last season your (motion analysis system) put us one out away from the State Championship. We finished 2nd in North Carolina. Amazingly the first year we had the program we batted almost 100 points higher. But last year with it we raised that another 80 points. It just keeps getting higher and higher. Thanks.”

- Mike Lambros, North Davidson Se