College Programs

 "Support from RightView Pro is the best part of the programs."

        -Marvin Cook, Winthrop University Softball

I just wanted to say thanks for creating the software you have.  It is amazing how much it has changed and effected my coaching work.  In fact, you really have elevated much of the way the game is coached and played.

       -Wayne Mazzoni, Pitching Coach - Sacred Heart University Baseball 

Hello Don, I did attend your session and it was fantastic.  The baseball coaches here Cornell use the “Right View Pro” series.  They are very clever with the computer now and with filming of all of their hitters.  They can really break a swing into chunks.  Should the need arise we will borrow their equipment.   The piece of information I appreciated the most was the demonstration of the length of time during which a bat passes through the zone of the pitch.  Naturally, a poor approach does not allow a bat in this plane for very long.  Your graphics demonstrate this nicely. 

Yours in Softball and baseball ,

-Dick Blood, Cornell University     

While at New Mexico Junior College your program was essential in helping us win national titles and lead the country in hitting and setting the NJCAA team batting average record (.438).  Now I am at the University of New Mexico and you have helped the Lobos become the best hitting team in the nation with a .363 NCAA leading team batting average.  Keep up the good work.

        -Ray Birmingham, Head Coach University of New Mexico

Liked it before, love it now with all of the new features.  We used to spend so much time setting up cameras and compiling stats.  Now, we're able to spend that time preparing our players because all of the video and data is right at our fingertips.  

         -Tim Walton, University of Florida Softball

Florida Softball upgraded their Is300 software to the Stadium Edition for the 2009 season and added 4 RVP Cameras to their Stadium.   

Nothing replaces hard work, fearlessness, adjustment and attention to detail.  After that, we use RVP among other things.

         -Lisa Fernandez, 3 Time Olympic Gold Medalist and UCLA Softball Assistant Coach

UCLA Softball upgraded their Is300 software to the Stadium Edition for the 2009 season and added 4 RVP Cameras to their Stadium.
I just wanted to "thank you" for the opportunity to be a part of the RightView Pro team.  You have an outstanding staff and great products that are worth every penny.  I just finished my first year as head softball coach at Macomb College and feel RVP was the difference in our success.  This year Macomb College returned to the NJCAA Division 2 World Series for only the thrid time in school history.  Our 3 game sweep to win our region was fueled by 8 home runs and 33 runs scored.  The team set a school record 42 home runs, more than double the previous high of 19 set back in 2003.  Along the way I was honored to be presented with the Region 12H "Coach of the Year".  My entire coaching staff and I believe that RightView Pro gives us a competitive edge over our competition that don't use it.  Thank you again and continued success.    
          -Joe Cavataio
You may not care... but Right View Pro has been responsible, at least in part, to me changing my view of proper hitting mechanics. I think the players I work with benefit from it. I'm able to 'test' theories I hear and see if they actually show up with big league hitters. It has changed what I believe quite a bit. I've been coaching college hitter's since 1971 and I wish I knew then what right View Pro has taught me now. I just wanted someone at Right View Pro to know that you are making a difference.

        -Paul Moore, CCCBCA President


I want to thank you for your products.  We currently use all your softball products and have seen great results.  Our 2008 team shattered our program’s single season home run record with 37 (the old record was 18).  We also achieved the highest single season team batting average at .321, while playing a very difficult schedule.  Thanks again.

 -Chris Helixon, UW-La Crosse Softball

I can't believe I was so blind. RightView Pro truly opened my eyes.

-Anonymous College Baseball Coach 

We have been using the right view pro a lot. It has been a tremendous help. I just forwarded your email to our other coaches. I am sure we will be in touch further. It has been an invaluable tool for us, and the more we learn about it, the more it helps and the more we use it. Thanks for all of your good ideas. GO COOGS!

-Kirk Blount, Assistant Baseball Coach/Recruiting, University of Houston

“The RightView Pro Instructional System is simply the best teaching tool on the market. It is the most powerful tool I have seen for teaching the correct mechanics to all ages. The product defines the principles that we see in our best players in way that is easily understood.

For the first time our athletes have a true awareness of their mechanics and the RVP System helps them pinpoint where improvements can be made. RightView Pro has really raised the understanding and the enthusiasm of my players. Most importantly this product has helped speed up the learning curve, giving the athletes a distinct advantage.

This product has helped me refine my approach to hitting instruction and is a must for any coach or player who wants to be his/her best.  One of the best things about this product is that now when I go on the field, the students know exactly what I am talking about.”

- Mike Candrea, University of Arizona Women's Softball Coach, and Coach of 2004 and 2008 USA Softball Olympic Team.

“RVP has transformed video analysis into a true instructional system. I’ve seen the results and we are excited to begin using the system with our National Team.”

- Lori Sippel, Head Coach, Canada’s Womens National Team

“For many years I have tried to find hitting solutions, and simple solutions, to help players find what consistently works. Plus, I have ‘battled,’ and I mean battled, softball players, coaches, fans, parents, etc. regarding a softball swing and a baseball swing. And I have always felt that a swing is a swing with little to no difference what you're hitting at any distance. And now we have the proof and evidence from RVP as to what I've always seen and believed.

- Coach Matt Sleeman

Numbers and stats do not lie.  They tell a story. And my numbers this season at Evangel are living proof of what RVP has done. Last season we set a record for team home runs with 23 without RVP, and I thought that was a pretty good number. But this year, with RVP, how about 58 HR's?  How about 97 doubles and 14 triples? How about a team slugging percentage of 491?  How about three of our hitters with double figures in home runs...16, 15, 11?  How about six grand slams? One player only had one home run in three years.... but this year, she hit 11. 

Several things I like with RVP and why I will stay with it and will absolutely not change:

* Common language (preparation, negative, positive, toe touch, heel plant, etc)
* Absolutes (plane of the ball, plane of the bat, the force of the swing, eliminating the squash the bug)
* Linear movements
* Swing extensions
* Rotations
* Rhythm and Timing.
* Basically, we now have a common thinking about hitting…and that’s a simple solution in my book!
Thanks for your terrific work in developing this. Our season ended all too soon this year but what a fun and outstanding season we had because of RVP. Our returning players can't wait to get going again. Next year will be even better as we are just scratching the surface with this. I look forward to continued development and know you'll be receiving more of these types of e-mails from me. I know that I have a much better chance now to win a possible national championship with RVP.”

Evangel University Results with RVP

-Jerry Breaux, Head Softball Coach, Evangel University, Springfield, Missouri

“I love the RVP system. I love the smiles I get from the students and reactions from their parents when they see their children improve. The RVP system has truly made me a better coach.”

-Deb Hartwig, Owner and founder of Just Softball                                             

“RightView Pro is a great teaching tool and a must for any college program. It has helped our hitters tremendously in the short time we have been using the system. The RightView Pro enables us to break down the hitter into precise segments and to compare each of our hitter’s swings to the best major league swings in the game today.”

-Tom Riginos, Clemson University Baseball, Clemson, South Carolina

“We've seen a lot of products and the RightView Pro system is by far the best. We use it everyday.”

-Coach Perno, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia

“We purchased the program last year at the end of our season. We are using it now with our team. I believe it's the best instructional tool on the market.”

-Tim Berenyi, Head Baseball Coach, The University of Akron, Akron, Ohio   

It is an awesome tool. I can't imagine not having it to help the hitters.

-Coach Pepin, Eastern CT. State Univ.

Thanks again for your time because I know you are extremely busy. Your product is only surpassed by your customer service.
I'm looking forward to hearing Coach Enquist speak at the Cherry Hill clinic and my hope is that I'll be able to thank her in person for pointing me in your direction.
You're the best.


I am Jon Hansen a pticher from a Kansas junior college and I had currently worked with Steve Ontiveros at Line Drives in Arizona.  I threw with him for a week and he helped me tremendously with some mechanical flaws by using your RightView Pro Software.  I had in my wind up.  RVP helped Coach Ontiveros and I deterimine what was wrong in my wind. I would really appreciate it if you could send me some information about the software.  My coach and the whole team would really be thankful, it is a very effective software.  

-Jon Hansen, College Pitcher  

I bought RightView Pro a few years ago and we use it for hitters and pitchers. I love it and we have had great results! Thanks for a great product!

-Assistant Coach Mandy Harris, Georgia College & State University