Stacey Nuveman

Model Stacey Nuveman USA08

A 2-time Olympic Gold Medalist, Stacey is one of the most feared power hitters in the world. Stacey's success as a catcher and offensive powerhouse has made her a constant in the international game for over 13 years. This download includes eight clips that demonstrate Stacey's ability to adjust to different speeds and locations. You will see Stacey's ability to hold the angles and hit the off-speed pitch as effectively as a quicker pitch.

NOTE: Downloading these players will be duplicated if you have purchased the HM300-USA08


Add Stacey Nuveman to your library of professional swings

Good hitters have to learn how to adjust to different speeds and locations of the pitch. These clips let you see the adjustment like never before. All 4 views of 2 different swings captured at 60 fps.

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