National Pro Fastpitch Pitching Models

Model PM300-NPF12

Now you can see and compare yourself with the best softball pitchers in the world: Cat Osterman, Monica Abbott, Danielle Lawrie, Danielle Spaulding, Taryne Mowatt, Donna Bougeois and many more.   See 13 of the top professional Fastpitch pitchers from the NPF throwing Fastballs, Screwballs, Rise balls, Curves, Change Ups, Knuckle balls and Drop Balls. See why these pitchers are the best: the Power, the Control, and the Deception. Add these professional models to any of the RVP training systems (Is300 SE, Is300, Ce300 and  Cv300). The PM300 NPF12 contains over 125 video clips of your favorite pitchers all shot at consistent angles and played back at 60 fields per second for a true and complete analysis of the pitching motion.
  • 13 Pitchers
  • 125 Clips
  • Consistent Multiple Angle Shots
  • 60 Frame/Second Playback
$75.00 | Qty.