The Advanced Package

Model CE300

Ideal for Any Level

“The Advanced Package takes Training Software to a whole new level”

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The Advanced Package is a one stop shop for your most pertinent analysis and sharing tools.  With the Advanced Package coaches can provide onsite instant analysis with dual capture capability.  Off site, coaches can provide analysis with personalized lesson segments and movies for their students.  Record your drawing and voice over video to relay your message to your student.  Share advanced hitting lessons or drills provided by RVP to even further define and convey your message.


The Advanced Package provides an unprecedented library of professional quality content available only at RVP.  With MLB and NPF licenses RVP can provide coaches the ability to not only compare to professional models, but provide detailed structured analysis in every lesson.  With over 200 lessons, drills and models, coaches have the depth information necessary to provide proof in their instruction.





Advanced Package Features:

  • Dual Camera Live Stream Video Capture Capability.  Capture two different views of the same motion for better evaluation.  Firewire required.
  • Lesson segments for instructors to create their own one-on-one personalized hitting or pitching lessons with their own recording, voice over, and drawing tools over video.  
  • Full Analysis Toolbar - Including the Auto Bat Path Feature
  • 1, 2 or 4 View Comparision Screens.  Compare and control any images, simultaneously.
  • Key Edit Programming.  Move videos to any of the twelve key positions with just one click.
  • Take photos and print snapshots of 1, 2, or 4 screens with or without Illustrations.
  • Create and compress playlists into movies for distribution.
  • Send and receive e-mail of captured motions, lessons, and pictures to your coach or any other RVP analysis system.
  • Send and receive video to and from any locker of the RVP App.
  • Comparison Measurement Tools: Measure angles, relative distances, and time down to 1\60th of a second.
  • Built in Instruction Player to play RVP instruction & lessons or lessons sent by your coach.  Play lessons along side your analysis to identify what to look for and what to draw.
  • Swing manager to provide a quick access database that organizes your coaches and student content, such as video, snapshots and lessons.

  • Auto Capture feature to enable successive motion capture with just a single click.  Capture every swing of batting practice by just clicking after each swing.

  • Auto Name each capture with uniquely named, dated, numbered footage, while classifying videos by motion type and angle of capture.

  • Customizable Key Frame Positions: Create user-defined terminology and key frame positions to analyze any type of sport motion (Bowling, Punting, Kicking, Karate, Gymnastics, etc.)
  • Auto Program hitters and pitchers to enable immediate sync with pro models with just one click. 

  • 6 Major League Baseball Models & 5 National Pro Fastpitch Models.  Models are pre-programmed for quick and easy syncing to student videos.
  • All Advanced Packages include the IP300AS2 Advanced Hitting Instruction to provide 16 additional MLB Hitting Models, 39 Hitting Lessons and 38 Hitting Drills with Playerdata examples of each.

ADDITIONALLY (Choose Baseball or Softball, Hitting or Pitching):

  • Baseball Hitting Package Includes:  IP300AS & HM300-MLB10 42 MLB Hitting Models, 59 Hitting Lessons and 3 Drills
  • Baseball Pitching Package Includes: IP300P & PM300-MLB10 24 MLB Pitching Models and 109 Pitching Lessons
  • Softball Hitting Package Includes:  IP300SB  & HM300-NPF12  19 Pro Hitting Models and 89 Hitting Lessons

  • Softball Pitching Package Includes: IP300FP & PM300-NPF12 16 Pro Pitching Models and 47 Pitching Lessons

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